vBSSO Connect – Single Sign On

Get a secure, fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log into your website across multiple platforms.

Unlimited Number of Platforms

No limitation – connect as many content platforms as you need

Higher Level of Security

Encrypted data exchange via private unique shared key

Friends with firewalls

Prompt User Synchronization

No matter how many users you have 100 or 10.000, they are synced smoothly between connected platforms without any dilemmas

Easy Go with Flow of User Experience

It doesn’t change your user experience at all – all SSO processes are transparent

User`s Avatars and Gravatars

Sync vBulletin avatars with third-party applications

Advanced  Access Options

Easy configure an access rules to define the source and destination for your traffic

Mobile Device Compatibility

Allows to use SSO technology on mobiles devices without any barriers

Integration With Facebook

The solution works easily with social network accounts via Facebook Login for Apps

Interested? How to start?

choose your platform and try it out